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The diaper positionLulu and Cherry being the newest inmates at the house of correction have to share a bedroom, they are soon fighting over the bed and Aunty Katy knows how to sort them out. She suspects the culprit is Lulu so she makes her strip naked and get into the diaper position for a session with her best spanking slipper. Humiliated and thrashed, Lulu is not a happy young lady as Cherry watches and laughs at her.
ConsequencesMature housewife Stacey has just had a re4al hard paddling but she has more to come. She admits to giving the guy next door a blow job. Her husband finds a stout cane and bends this frightened wife over the kitchen table. She is to take the very first caning of her life with all the strokes laid on full force.
Cherry at the house of correctionAnother story of girls sent to the house for strict correction and discipline. The latest inmate is young Cherry and she is certainly a real problem. After an intimate strip search she is placed over the spanking bench and spanked till her bottom is bright red.
The guy next doorMr. Stern gets home from the office to find that dinner is not ready and Stacey has spent most of the day drinking with the guy next door. Swift and harsh punishment is called for and she has to get over the kitchen table and take a real thrashing with a long handled paddle. She is left in no doubt that there is more to come and the tears in her eyes will not get her out of the trouble she is in.
Lulu at the house of correctionAnother new inmate for the House of Correction run by the ever smack happy Aunty Katy. Lulu really is a cheeky young lady but Katy will soon bring her down to earth. She makes her strip for in intimate examination and then bend over the spanking stool for her introduction. A painful hard handed spanking.
30 Stroke caningSchoolgirl Wynter is caught smoking in the school grounds by the headmaster, he has a long talk to her, trying to point out the error of her ways but she just does not seem to learn. He tells her that the most extreme punishment he can carry out is a 30 stroke cold caning and that is what she will get. Bent over she takes some strokes on her drum tight school knickers ad the rest are administered onto her bare bottom.
Cherry caned in her bedroomOnce again Cherry finds herself in trouble. Not satisfied that the lecture on tidiness, punctuality and laziness have been absorbed Aunt Sarah resorts to the tried and trusted method of instilling learning in the younger ones. A good hard naked bent over caning. Sure to work every time.
Pandora at the clubPandora goes for a job as a hostess in a seedy night club, her interview is going well until the owner says that if she does not do as instructed she will be punished with a spanking. She is rather indignant and gets up to leave but then, well she does need a job and how bad can it be? She is about to find out as he bends her over a bar stool and demonstrates just what will happen to her by removing her panties and spanking her.
Fucked and canedIn this latest film Allison gets more hard caning onto her already very painful large bare bottom Her husband wants to see her really punished whilst he watches. Once the caning is over he invites the photographer to fuck his wife. She agrees and gives him a blow job before a real good hard fucking.
The untidy bedroomYoung Cherry is always in trouble, this time it’s the state of her bedroom and the fact that she will not get herself a job out of term time at uni. Her Aunt thinks that the best thing will be to try and wake her up with the application of a leather paddle called “my grandmothers slipper”. This is a rather nasty leather implement designed with the sole purpose of inflicting pain on naughty bottoms. Cherry certainly feels it.
Allison punished at homeAnother classic film with the amazing housewife Allison. In this great two parter she is punished in her own home at the request of her husband. In this film she is spanked, paddled and caned. She also gets her large breasts paddled and humiliated. This lady does need the discipline and the film is a real one for the hardcore collector.
She likes the caneHaving discovered Sean with Allice and having given Allice a damn good paddling Sarah now decides that she will give this young lady a good hard caning and make her truly sorry. But, there is a problem, once the caning starts it turns out that Allice is rather partial to a good caning and just wants more and more. Well, Sarah rises to the challenge and delivers a fearsome caning.
You spoiled my filmSarah is real mad, she has booked Lulu to make some films for her and the girl turns up with a marked bottom. Sarah says yes she will go ahead and make the film but only if Lulu agrees to take a full force caning right there and then, Sarah does not want to waste more time than necessary with this sill young girl. After some thought Lulu agrees and after being told to strip naked she bends over the kitchen table for her punishment caning.
Did you buy this strapNaughty Sean is at it again, when the cats a way the mice will play and boy does he love to play. Allice is the impressionable young lady he is spanking and paddling today and she just loves it. He has managed to find a real live masochist and he is taking advantage of the fact. Wait though, he is sure to be found out and then what will happen. Keep watching.
Did you buy this strapLulu Lamb is filming with us and whilst taking a break she suggests to Kodders the camera man that he might like to try out the new strap, he was the one who brought it anyway! He likes the idea and bends over the kitchen table while Lulu starts to strap him. Sarah hears what’s going on and decides to put an end to their fun. She tells Lulu that as she is so keen on the strap she can get her panties off, bend over in Kodders place and try it out for herself. A good hard strapping film with this young beauty.
Caned for her artModel girl Alexa thinks she is a top art model but lets herself down by coming to a photo shoot with spank marks. She has now agreed to make a further film, well she wants the money, this one will be a hard caning film. Can she take it, that’s the question as she bends over.
Wanker spankerThis is a real classic film with the amazing naughty Sasha Harvey getting her bare bottom well thrashed. Caught in the toilets wanking and smoking she has to expect little mercy and takes one hell of a good hard thwacking with hand and paddle.
Not the fashionAlexa arrives for her life art modeling assignment with obvious marks of a spanking showing on her bottom. What is the photographer to do? Well the obvious thing is to change the shoot into a spanking shoot and that’s just what happens and Alexa ends up taking a good thrashing with a paddle which leave more marks.
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