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A very strange doctorBeautiful model Ashleigh does not like work and will do anything she can to get out of it. Her company are fed up with this but want, for some reason to keep her on. They send round a very strange doctor to sort out her medical problems. A large bag she carries has no medical kit but a wide selection of punishment implements which she is soon utilising on the bare bottom of this young lady. Great paddling scenes.
The man from the ministrySuzanne has just lost an appeal against a driving ban but she knows that the man from the ministry lives locally and he has a reputation for liking ladies bottoms and in particular spanking them. She goes to his house with a new red paddle in her hand bag and tempts the poor man into beating her bare bottom. He does not put up much of a fight but Suzanne is surprised at the severity of the beating but she has made an agreement and has to see it through.

Horse beater croppedAlex has been spanked over the knee for ill-treating her horse but Mr Stern thinks she should experience more the sort of pain she inflicted on the poor animal, he is a keen animal lover. So, he makes her get her riding crop and proceeds to use this hard on her bare bottom. The young lady does not enjoy this experience one little bit and ends up close to tears.

April visits Mr SternNo visit to Mr Stern will result in just a spanking, no matter how cute you may be or how much you may appeal to his better nature, he does not have one. This is most noticeable when he is dealing with young ladies who have cheated on their boyfriends as has April. Now comes the time for a serious and very hard paddling on her bare bottom. She kneels in the chair, bottom well raised for the practiced swings of one of Sterns heavier paddles.

No way to behaveLindsay is a young girl and does things young girls do but that does not please everyone especially when she is supposed to be doing her chores around the house. Playing with her pussy and daydreaming does not cut the mustard! She needs to be taught a lesson and goes straight over her guardians knee for a hard spanking and this is genuinely her first spanking. Later in the sitting room Lindsay will be getting some more punishment over her fishnet tights. A very hast horse hair whip should put her in line but will it? These are the only films of this young lady.

The naughty horsey girlAlex says she loves her horses but then why does she treat them so badly. She has been found a number of times not cleaning them out and then she uses the whip much too often and too hard. She needs to be taught a lesson and that is what we are about. A good spanking over her skin tight jodhpurs followed by a bare bottom over the knee spanking should be a good start

Tiana and the paddle  This is Tiana’s second ever spanking film, her previous one had her spanked but now she wanted to move on, no bad choice in my book! Anyway, she changed into a very sexy nurses costume and presented her bottom for her punishment. Yes she was very nervous but as she bent over and the quite hard paddling started she seemed to get into it a bit and took a long hard bottom reddening paddling.

April pays a visit to Mr sternApril has been sent by her boyfriend to see disciplinarian Mr Stern. She will not openly admit why she has been sent thus but the story does emerge after a while. She has been cheating on him and he wants to see her suitably punished. Once she owns up to this she is placed over the knee and spanked on top of her denim shorts before these are removed and her bare bottom gets the expert attention it demands.

Jessica Fox paddled for being cheekyJessica the lady who looks after our help desk has just been spanked because she has been exceptionally rude to one of our members but the member concerned was, rightly not happy with that level of punishment. It is decided that she should be paddled, Jessica has little option but to agree and gets ready for the pain she knows she is going to receive. This is only her second punishment and her very first ever taste of the paddle on her firm bottom.

Tiana's first spankingOnce again we have a lovely brand new spankee for you her name is Tiana and she really is a beauty. She came along to see us having always wanted to try a spanking but never having had the chance. We offered her that chance and here she is. We have a very interesting interview with her, it’s always great to find out something about the girls before you take their knickers down and spank them I think. Now as you may know, we do not go easy on first timers and that was the same with Tiana. She did get a good hard over the knee spanking as her introduction.

Helpdesk spankingJessica looks after our help desk but even though she works for a spanking company she herself has never been sparked, until today. She has been exceptionally rude to one of our members and she knows the price she will have to pay. This is a moment she had been dreading, she knew it might happen one day, she is going to have to take the first ever spanking on her beautiful peachy bear bottom I can tell you it was designed to cause her maximum pain.

Paddling loversThe amazing shoot with real life lovers Rascal and Lucy carries on and after a night of love making and a little spanking it’s time to get ready to go off to their first photo shoot. However, Lucy thinks it would only be right if she were to warm up the beautiful bottom of her lover and, well Rascal has to agree. On the bed she gets their leather paddle and uses it on her bottom in quite an expert way including a nice diaper position.

Lovers and spankingOne of our newest young spanking models enjoyed her first shoot so much she asked if she could bring her girlfriend along to shoot with us, we of course said yes and were pleased to meet lovely, sexy Lucy. They wanted to do something which reflected their life together so it was a very natural and sexy film we finished up with. This was the very first time that Lucy has been spanked or paddled and she was in truth a bit scared but you will see that she soon got into the whole thing and did enjoy the somewhat painful experience. A lovely film but with some good hard spanking and paddling.

Bonnie I know I can do itBonnie May is still determined that she wants to work in this “house of easy virtue” and is sure that she can handle all that might come her way. She is told that lots of men like to see the girl dressed as a high powered secretary and then to be able to take them over the knees and give them a thrashing with say, a slipper. She finds this a bit strange but says she can do it so she has to prove this. She takes a damn good slippering on her tights and on her bare bottom.

Lulu was having something of a dream in which she was paddling her bottom and then her husband took over. Well that’s all a bit improbable but what is for real is his reaction at seeing his wife with her bottom stuck in the air and just asking for it. Having easy access to a cane, we gave it to him, he preceded to give his wife just what he assured us she had been needing for years, a real good hard caning, just take a look at her marked bottom for the proof of this. Smashing film of this top model in her only caning video.

Pay me to spank meYoung Bonnie has lost her job and really needs to earn some money. She knows an establishment where men will come and pay for sex and goes along for a job. She is told that they do not have vacancies for girls who want to do sex but if she is prepared to be spanked and indulge in CP then they can give her a job. She says she will give it a go and this is the story of her interview and her first try out for a new way of earning money

Lola Marie at the sexy cleaning companyLola Marie is one of our best known spanking models but even she wants a job at the Sexy Cleaning Company. That means she has to attend an interview which we film. Lots of good up skirt shots and bending over pictures before we get round to the spanking. We started with a good old fashioned OTK spanking followed by a session with our new spanking riding crop. This looks harmless enough but really does deliver a nasty sting.

Rascal gets the paddleThis is the second part of Rascal’s interview and she was to be paddled. We were a little surprised that she agreed to make this film as she had found the spanking she received to be much harder than she expected, this was her very first experience. She said though that it was something she thought she could do and that she was determined to take whatever she was given. It started over her tight white knickers but then onto her bare bottom. She did take a good hard spanking.

Lulu Lush spanking dreamBig boobed Lulu Lush has just been spanked by her husband and she tells us all about it before setting out to show us. As she is paddling her own bottom reality suddenly goes out of the window and her husband is there with the leather paddle in hand and is giving her already red bottom a hell of a paddling. She says she likes it but, well I am not so sure, she did get it hard and it is her first ever paddling. Gear real husband and wife punishment film.

The caning lessonKodders still wants to learn to be a spanker but he is pretty rubbish and when he asks to be shown how to use a cane there is no way I am going to let him lose with one. I tell him that he must watch as a caning is demonstrated to him so he has little choice. April has once again volunteered to be the victim and she takes off all her clothes so that she can enjoy a naked caning. She bends over in front of lucky Kodders who can’t believe his eyes as she is caned hard on her beautiful bare bottom

First spanking for RascalRascal by name and Rascal by nature, when she turned up and wanted to make a spanking film with us we were delighted. Had she ever been spanked? No but she was willing to give it her best. Ewe started off with a spanking over her denim shorts and that was fine but once they were down she had just the most beautiful bottom and she did take rather a stinging spanking. We know you like to see new girls and they don’t come any more virginal than Rascal.

How to punish AprilKodders is a regular member of the Strand production team and now he wants to learn to spank ladies bottoms. We thought the best thing to do would be to get him alongside Sarah with a new model who was not used to being punished and then to train him. Well he did soon get into the swing of things. Once he watched Sarah rip open April’s pantyhose and start to paddle her bottom he was eager for a try himself. He did quite well and so he went onto a more complicated lesson, spanking a lady in the diaper position. Wow, April certainly took to that and so did our two spankers. Good hard paddling in this film and it’s quite rude to.

To punish a nurseBemby is the newest of our nurses at Dr Sterns hospital and she does not ever seem to get things right. She puts thermometers in the wrong places and spills the bedpans all over the floor. Not only that she is very cheeky and only has the top part of her uniform on so that her bottom is seen by the patients. The time has come for her to be taught a lesson and The good doctor has just the right medicine in the form of her nasty leather paddle. Bemby protests but ends up over the knee with her bar bottom on dip[lay whilst she takes a thorough paddling.

Ashleigh cant pay the rentAshleigh has taken a good spanking when she could not pay her rent , now she is trying to get her boyfriend to pay it for her but he will not help. When the rent is next asked for she has to admit she has not got it and so further punishment must follow. First she gets the leather paddle on her hands and then she goes over the knee for a good leathering. Finally she has to bend over the table with her bottom in the air to take a good hard paddling.

I want to be canedAmelia Jane Rutherford was caught watching spanking porn at work and quite rightly her employer spanked her. She has now come to see her employer with a request. She wants to be spanked again but that is not to be. One spanking is enough, now she is in for something much more. A cane is produced and Amelia has to strip naked apart from her stockings. She is bent over and the cane applied to her bottom, a real good hard caning.

Ashleigh can't pay her rentWhen the landlady calls round she finds Ashleigh drinking whisky and seeming not to care that today is the day she has to pay her rent. This is not at all what the nasty short tempered landlady wanted to hear and tells Ashleigh just what she thinks of her. The rent has not been paid for weeks but she can afford to go out to clubs and drink. She needs to be taught a lesson and it’s going to happen today. She bends Ashleigh over the kitchen sink and removes her panties before administering a hard and prolonged spanking to her cute bottom.

Sexy cleaner paddledRachel Leigh has just had her first interview for a job at the Sexy Cleaning Company, this involved her being spanked rather harder than she thought necessary by the lady who ran the company. She thought that she now had a job but it was obvious that this rather sadistic lady had other ideas. She produced a leather paddle and despite Rachel’s protestations she proceeded to paddle her bare bottom. Then to add further humiliation she put her into the “wheelbarrow” position, spread her lags and continued with the beating.

Kiki Vee canedKiki Vee is a secret lover of spanking, well spanking within reason. She has been discovered going to spanking clubs and has been punished. As she seemed to derive some enjoyment from that punishment a more severe form of discipline is required. After some thought a large nasty cane is produced and Kiki has no choice but to bend over for a blistering caning on her bare bottom. Her discomfort is obvious as is the pain this extra hard caning delivers to her bare bottom.

Rachel at the sexy cleaning companyAnother amazing hand held from from the Sexy Cleaning Company. This time the beautiful Rachel Leigh is on the receiving end of some extremely revealing spankings. First off over the knee and then with her pert but sticking out from the front of a chair and then in a very rude open leg oppose that ensures every part of her pretty bottom feels the sting of the hand. A real sexy revealing spanking and discipline film.

The secret spankerKiki Vee has been out all night partying and when she returns home she is surprised that she is in trouble. Now apart from a huge pair of boobs what is she hiding under her coat? It’s a nasty spanking paddle. So now we know the nature of the party. As she seems to like spanking she has to bend over there and then and take a real paddling for being out all night. Her bare bottom is soon bright red.

Watching spanking porn at workAmelia Jane Rutherford has been caught out by her employer watching porn at work on her computer. Not only that she has been paying for it with her company credit card. A home visit is called for and it is decided that as Amelia is into watching porn, spanking porn, she should be punished in a similar fashion. A leather paddle is produced and Amelia starts to experience a real hard thrashing on the bare bottom.

Let me show off for youWhen Ashleigh asked if she could do her own thing at our last shoot we reluctantly agreed with it and left her to it with our camera man. Well, when he had finished shooting he rushed out of the studio and told us he had just filmed the naughtiest scene that Ashleigh had ever done. It seemed she wanted to do some very sexy posing for the camera and then whilst she was in the positions she started to whack herself with a selection of paddles, not only on her bottom but her thighs and beautiful breasts as well. For a lady who says she does not like spanking this is pretty amazing.

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Submissive slave girl for hireBonnie May was late back from her evening out, when she returned home she was given a good spanking by her guardian but that was not to be the end of her punishment. Mr. Stern had also been out in his car searching the streets for her and so he was determined she was going to feel the sting of his tongue and of his favorite paddle. She reports to the sitting room in her pajamas to await the punishment which will be coming her way and will leave her with a very marked and painful bottom.

Submissive slave girl for hireThis is an amazing film and just goes to show what happens when you let the girls chose their own story line. Ella Hughes and Sarah Stern were filming for us and they came up with this story. Now I happen to think it’s a great story, Sarah hires a young lady from an agency, this young lady has to be naturally submissive and will have to submit to a really hard caning, some face slapping and some nasty pinching of her nipples. Ella just loved the whole idea and contributed some of the more extreme ideas, just goes to show, a naturally submissive girl will decide on her own fate, as painful as it certainly will be.

Home from the clubBonnie May another of our beautiful young spankees is in trouble yet again, late back from an evening out her guardian has to elicit certain information from her and as you might expect it is not easily forthcoming. Threats do not seem to work with this young lady and therefore she has to take a trip over the knee. A spanking starts over her skin tight trousers bit soon progresses to her bare bottom. The tender bottom soon reacts to a hard hand and Bonnie begins to see the error of her ways but not in time to save her from a good hard and thorough spanking.

College Girls CanedLuna and Bell are home from college where they were punished on the last day of term. They know full well that if they are punished at college then they will be punished at home as well. They have both had a good hard paddling and Luna has been caned so now it is the turn of Bell to bend over with her bare bottom ready for the senior girls cane. She gets a real dressing down and then it is left to the cane to do its work on her bare bottom. A top quality caning film

She asked to be punishedWe certainly see some strange things at English Spankers and non-more so than when our newest spankee April May came to us and said she had enjoyed her spanking so much that she wanted further punishment on her bottom. We did of course agree to this and she herself picked out a good sized leather paddle as the instrument of punishment. This beautiful girl then removed all of her clothes and placed herself over the knee of her spanker and requested that the punishment begin.

College Girls CanedLuna and Bell are home from college for the mid-term break, they have both been spanked by their senior tutor and now they are to be punished at home. Luna is the first to suffer the deserved punishment. She goes over her guardians knee for a spanking on her already warm bottom then she has to bend over for her first ever caning. The strokes are hard and all in line as her bare bottom takes the caning. Bell watches from the side lines, she will be next!

Deserving of punishmentWe have a great new spankee this week. April May really is an amazing young lady as you will see in this story she wanted to make. Never spanked before she jumped in at the deep end and requested that she be punished for keeping some hamsters in her rented room. No trouble she soon found herself over the knee being spanked on her trousers then on the bare bottom. A very good long hard first spanking.

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Rachel's first caningRachel Leigh has just had her bottom well paddled, she was using our house to put on dirty web cam shows and I do not like that. The punishment did not seem to have the effect I expected and so I have decided to cane Rachel. This is her first ever caning and I will make sure that she does not forget this is a hurry. Some good hard strokes of the thin whippy cane on her bare bottom will do the trick.

Rachel's webcam punishmentRachel Leigh has to earn a living somehow and she gives naughty shows on her web cam. All well and good till her houses hare partner finds out and decides that Rachel should be punished for doing it from home but at the same time seems attracted to having it shown on the web cam. So, poor Rachel suffers the indignity of having her panties taken off and her bottom beaten hard with a variety of leather paddles. She does not like this at all, and shows it!

Jess first paddling by KoddersKodders has come to the Sexy Cleaning Company to find a cleaner for his home. In reality he just wants the chance to spank one of our very sexy young cleaners. He has just watched Jess have her audition for the company and feels she is just what he is after and so he has a chat with her and she agrees to let him spank her bottom with a leather paddle. Dressed in her sexy uniform she is soon over his knee getting her bottom well paddled.

Lovely young Luna paddledLuna is now having the second part of her interview, she is quite young but has had an interesting life, not much spanking but we are changing that. She did find the hand spanking quite painful and we were not sure if she wanted to take the leather paddle, well we need not have worried. She looked at her red bum in the mirror and decided she liked the look of it and told us to go ahead and give her a good hard paddling. That is exactly what Mr. Stern did and he does swing a pretty mean paddle, years of experience have taught him just how to make it land to have the most effect.

Jess at the sexy cleaning companyBeautiful young Jess has come to the Sexy Cleaning Company for an interview, also there is a prospective client of the company, Jess will have to impress if she is to be hired. We love to see our cleaners being very naughty and sexy and Jess does not disappoint. We then get to that part of her interview that involves her going over the knee for a good sound spanking, she certainly gets that on her bare bottom but will she get the job?

Victoria the maid canedLuna was not new to being spanked when we got to interview her, she had already made a couple of films with Spanking Sarah so she was quite well aware of what a good hard spanking was. We wanted to know a bit about her and how she got into the world of CP and spanking and think you will also be fascinated by just what turns this lovely young lady on. Despite all the chat she did end up being well spanked, you will see from her reaction that it was a painful experience even if she did want it.

Victoria maid canedVictoria is still dressed in her very sexy maids uniform but that will not stop the punishment which she is just about to receive for being lazy, drinking and telling lies. Her bottom is red from the paddle she has just had but now she is to get her first ever caning. She is asked to bend over the kitchen table with her legs spread and her bottom ready for the swishing cane which will be inflicting a new and sharp pain right now.

New model Bemby has just had her first on screen spanking and she did seem to like it. Would she want to go further? Well yes she did and we were real pleased about this as she is a very shy and very attractive young lady. She has been punished before by boyfriends but this will be the first time she has experienced a real hard paddling from us. We got her to kneel on the couch with her bottom well raised in the air and used a slim leather paddle which despite its size does impart quite a sting. Her bottom was soon the rosy red we love to see, a lovely Cherry Red.

The worthless house maidBeautiful Victoria is just not cut out to be a house maid. She prefers to dress in her sexy maids uniform and then spend her days drinking her mistresses best wine. When she is discovered punishment comes swift and painfully. A good spanking gets her bottom receptive to the pain it is about to endure and when a slipper is introduced Victoria knows she is in for a very painful session. She is right as her bare bottom has to endure a long and very well applied slippering which leaves it red and very sore.

Bemby being spankedAnother new young lady for English Spankers. Bemby is young and very shy and nervous but we do manage to put her at her ease enough for her to tell us all a bit about her journey into spanking. It seems that she really does like to be spanked but this has only happened before in private, now she has agreed that we can film her getting a really hard over the knee spanking. She is a lovely young cheeky girl who just needs some encouragement to turn into a very desirable spankee and you will we know love her film.

Bonnie canedBonnie has agreed that she is a sexual predator and that her actions in chasing a young lad in the office amount to stalking or far worse. Her boss has punished her with a spanking and paddling but her behavior seems to be one of denial. She is told that she has to take the cane or face dismissal, she chooses the cane and after being stripped naked she bends over for a very hard caning on her bare bottom.

Hairbrush for school bullyElla Hughes has been fighting at college and ended up hitting another girl. For this she was punished at school but the rules at home are that if she gets punished at school then she gets punished at home. She has to go over the knee, her uniform skirt is raised and her regulation knickers taken down, She then experiences a long and painful punishment with a wooden backed hairbrush. The tears will come at the end as she feels the pain in her red and marked bottom

The sexual predatorThere is trouble at the office and Bonnie May is at the root of it. She has been harassing a new young male employee, she has flaunted her body at the poor young chap and he does not know how to respond. He has now reported her to the company boss who has called her in for an interview. Bonnie does not think what she is doing is wrong so there has to be a lesson applied and it will be to her bare bottom. A good hard spanking followed by a session with the leather paddle and a warning that her behavior needs to change.

Maid Aleesha punishedWhat to do with a lazy maid, well she has already been spanked by Mr Stern but he now decides she should get a session with his newest leather paddle. She bends over for what he thinks is a good hard whacking but Mrs Stern is not happy. Her evening out has been spoilt and she intends to make the maid suffer. She lays into her with gusto and she soon has one very sorry maid bent over her kitchen table.

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Lazy Luna whackedLuna should have been at work instead she is getting ready to see her boyfriend. She has just been spanked in the shower for being late for work and now she is in real trouble. A session with the leather paddle may teach her a lesson, starting over her pajama bottoms the paddle does its work and makes Luna take note. Then the PJ's are removed for a good bare bottom leathering. This naughty young lady features in the latest of our Hand Made Films series.

Sexy maid Aleesha Fox spankedAleesha Fox is employed by the Sexy Cleaning Company and is supposed to be doing the cleaning house for the company boss Mr Stern. Her cleaning methods fall far short of what is expected and so it is up to Mrs Stern to sort her out, so she calls Mr Stern to come and deal with her. He decides that a good hard spanking is called for and as she is bent over her bare bottom is exposed beneath the very short maids dress she is wearing. Mr Stern is soon well into spanking this firm and rather delightful bottom and he does have a very hard spank. Aleesha is none to impressed especially when he tells her she is to be paddled as well.

Luna spanked in the showerLuna should be getting ready for work but instead is discovered taking a shower with no intention of working. She wants to go and see her boyfriend but her plans will come to nothing. A wet bottom feels the sting of the hand far worse than when dry and so she has too endure a prolonged spanking and reddening of her bottom. Naked she bends over for her punishment. This is another of our great Hand Made Films so you get right in on the action.

Satine spaek paddled by a nasty ladySatine Spark has had her interview spanking for the Sexy Cleaning Company and she has given herself a good paddling whilst waiting to meet her first customer. This lady makes it clear that it is not so much the cleaning she is interested in but the fact that she gets to spank and paddle a naughty bottom. Satine agrees to let this nasty lady give her a real hard paddling in some very embarrassing positions.

Her first and only spankingTony wants to try his hand at spanking a lovely young bottom so he hires a lady who does this sort of thing to come to him and be spanked. Jess arrives dressed in the sexiest maids outfit and is soon over his knee getting a real good bare bottom spanking. This is from our new HAND MADE FILMS series where we take you right into the heart of the action for amazing close up and true unedited action.

Her first and only spankingWe get more requests for us to bring this lovely young lady back than anyone else and when you watch her films you will know why. Satine Spark is filled with the love of spanking so much so that when Mr. Stern leaves her alone for a while she picks up a paddle and gives her bare bottom and thighs a real hard paddling. Being the naughty girl that she is she also gets into some very sexy and revealing positions as she does genuinely enjoy spanking and paddling herself.

Her first and only spankingWe at English Spankers love to bring you films of young ladies who are new to the spanking scene and most times these ladies go on to become firm favorites with you. Sometimes we get it wrong and the lady never makes another spanking film, this is the case with Lexie, she wanted to give spanking a go, she thought it would be for her but it was not to be. So, we have the one and only film of Lexie being spanked so take a look at it only here.

Satine Spark Sexy Cleaning CompanyAnother story from the Sexy Cleaning company and a welcome return to Satine Spark, we must have more requests to see Satine getting a good spanking than almost any other girl and we always oblige. This is her interview for the Sexy cleaning Company and so as you might guess there are plenty of good bending over and up-skirt shots to wet your appetite before she goes over Mr. Sterns knee for a real bottom reddening spanking. Great fun and spank filled film.

Lady of pleasure canedAfter the beating with a riding crop just handed out by this irate wife you would think she would be satisfied but no. She intends to go much further. She produces a cane, thin and whippy and this she informs the luckless Zandia is to be used on her bottom right here and now. She bends over and you can see the fear as she waits for the first stinging strokes from the cane

The leather paddle for Bonnie MayMiss Sarah Stern has just handed out a punishment spanking to Bonnie May but she does not think that sufficient remorse was shown. This punishment has been requested by the girls boyfriend and has to be seen to be doing the job. Sarah decides that a session with a leather paddle on her bottom may have more effect, she is right. This young lady gets a real red and painful bottom

Zandia Lee Lady of pleasureWhen a wife discovers that her husband is making free with an expensive lady of leisure she has a duty to sort out said lady, and her husband. She confronts the unfortunate lady wielding a nasty riding crop and with a very determined attitude she tells her she will be using it on her bare arse. Once bent over the strokes from this nasty whip soon have the lady wanting to change her ways. Featuring the lovely mature Zandia Lee and wicked Sarah Stern

Bonnie spanked over the knee on tightsA new series for English Spankers featuring young ladies sent to see Miss Sarah Stern because of their bad behavior or because their partners think they need that extra bit of discipline. Bonnie is the first unfortunate and she will find herself bent over Sarah's knee being spanked first on her tights and panties and then on the bare bottom. The hardest spanking hand around will soon bring forth some remorse in this young lady

spanking moviesAfter Ashleigh has been punished the truth of the situation comes out, the real culprit is Ella and so now she will get the worst punishment she could imagine. Both Sarah and Ashleigh take leather paddles to her bare bottom and give her an all mighty paddling, nothing is held back here she takes the hard paddle time after time on her bottom. The punishment does not end till she has tears in her eyes.

spanking moviesSatine has been spanked for bringing a stray puppy home without permission. She is supposed to have taken it back from where it came but has not done so, she is now in very serious trouble. Grandmothers old slipper is produced, a good stout slipper designed to bring maximum pain when applied with skill and force to a young girls bare bottom. That's what she has to endure, tears will not stop it, she has to take her punishment.

spanking moviesElla Hughes has had a party and things got out of hand, now she is blaming Ashleigh for the mess and the alcohol stolen from the house. Sarah is in no mood to mess about and wrongly decides that Ashleigh should be punished. She finds a large leather spanking paddle and makes Ashleigh bend over bare bottom in the air. The poor innocent girl gets a real hard beating with the paddle


spanking moviesAleesha Fox has decided to return to the spanking and CP game, she really misses it! She has asked us to help her reacclimatize and so Sarah has given her a good spanking. Now comes the cane, does she want to go this far after so long, well she has to try and so bends over and waits for the hard caning she knows she will get to come. The first strokes are the worst but this is going to be a long swishy session.

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We all love a new puppy but not when it isn't planned for and when its ownership is in dispute. Satine finds herself in puppy trouble and there is only one way to sort it and that is over the knee for a good spanking. First on her white school knickers and then on her tender bare bottom, a good hard blistering spanking till she is nearly in tears.

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spanking moviesDo you believe in Santa, well that's what Christmas is all about. Imogen and Kodders are getting ready for a visit from Santa, well Kodders is as Imogen does not have the belief that is necessary for good girls to get a nice present. When Santa does arrive he has something of a surprise in store for this naughty lady. This will be a Christmas to remember for Imogen. And we hope for you to.

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Young Violet has been punished for being out all night and for lying about where she had been, a good paddling made her feel sorry for herself but now she is to be caned. She has never felt the cane on her bottom and when she bends over, her bare bottom raised she knows that she is about to have the most painful experience of her life. She is right!

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Aleesha Fox is a very experienced spanking model but she has not been spanked for some long time. She wants to see if she can get back into taking a good hard spanking and caning so of course we help out. Once bent over the knee and given a hand spanking she is keen to progress to a couple of different leather paddles. Will she like the sting and the pain from these quite as much?

spanked girls
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Violet has been out at a naughty party all night and now at home she is in trouble. She had been to a spanking party so that theme would be continued in her punishment. This time however it would be the hardest beating of her young life. She did not realize just how much a paddle expertly applied could hurt. Another new model, just 18 years old and her very first film session.

spanked girls
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Ella Hughes has just had her first interview for the sexy cleaning company which resulted in a spanked bottom. She now has to audition first client and this very strict lady has her own ideas on punishment. Ella has to change into some sexy clothes and then placed in the diaper position she is spanked and then beaten with a selection of nasty wooden rulers. Then bent over in the traditional position she gets some real hard strokes.

spanked girls
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Pupil teacher Zanda Lee has just been spanked by the headmaster as a demonstration of punishment methods and he now wants to advance to the next stage. He explains that he will have to use the school paddle on her bare bottom, she is none to pleased but has to bend over and take her swats.

spanked girls
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Another member for the Sexy Cleaning Company and what a delight. Young Ella Hughes came along in her old school uniform to titillate us all and boy did she succeed. She did loads of up skirt flashing and bending over before she had to bend over Mr. Sterns knee. He gave her one of his very famous, extra hard spankings first on her school knickers and then on her lovely bare bottom. We think she rather liked it we certainly do.

spanked girls
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Zanda Lee is a pupil teacher at the end of her first year. The headmaster thinks it is time for her to learn how to discipline the pupils and has a rather unorthodox way of teaching her. He will carry out the punishments on her so that she gets a true feeling for the particular disciplinary measure being used. He starts by putting her over his knee and administering a blistering spanking to her bare bottom. That she feels the pain is obvious but she has to endure the full spanking.

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Ashleigh is a glamour model who makes spanking films because she wants to earn some money. No problem with that and we are pleased she came along to us. Now she has been in one or two of our films but this is her very first experience of the cane. She was not looking forward to this and you must watch this film to see the genuine reaction of a real first time hard caning on the bare bottom of this beautiful girl.

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This week we have a classic film or rather two films. We have so many requests to see Kami Robertson in her very early years a s a spanking model we just had to bring you these two film. Kami as a Japanese schoolgirl gets spanked, slippered and caned. This film has it all, the real uniform, white regulation school knickers authentic and very real spanking and the senior cane used on her bare bottom.

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Young Ella Hughes thinks that just because she is pretty and sexy she can get away with anything but when she scrumps fruit from Sarah's house she soon finds out the reality of life. Sarah really enjoys punishing young ladies and intends to make an example of Ella. She takes her father's old razor strop and after getting Ella to strip she bends her over and gives her a ferocious beating with the strop. Wow, this is a good one

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Au Pairs Jess and Amelia Jane are now awaiting the promised continuation of their punishment for drinking and neglecting the children. Mrs. Stern produces a nasty leather strap and after a few exploratory whacks on various hands she proceeds to leather poor Jess's bottom till it is black and blue. The poor girl is close to tears before the beating stops and Amelia looks on horrified at the treatment given to her friend.

spanked girls
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We are very pleased to have this well shot amateur spanking film. We are told that this is the wife of the photographer and he filmed the actual session with this disciplinarian. The lady does get a hard hand spanking, the slipper, a wooden paddle and the cane and yes this is a very long film but we wanted you to see it in its entirety. A very good real life punishment film.

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