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Our cook is canedMr. Stern is finding it very difficult to get his spankers cook book completed, all the girls he asks to help turn out to be terrible cooks and I did not have any more luck when I gave Tindra Frost a chance. I have had to paddle her bottom and because she fed my joint of beef to the dogs I am going to give her a severe caning. She protests but nothing will save her from my anger.
The school leaverHellen has just left school and this is her first job, she is a secretary to a publisher of spanking books and films. As you might expect he has his own unique way of punishing his staff, especially the young and pretty ones. It is not long before Hellen finds herself over his knees with her bottom being spanked hard, for the very first time in her life she has the pain and humiliation.
Tindra & the spankers cook bookTindra came along to make an episode of the spankers cook book for Mr. Stern, he asked me to supervise things. I had done some of the work and then I found out that Tindra, a vegetarian had fed my best meet to my dogs. They were very happy but I was blazing mad and got her naked and bent over for the paddle.
The naughgty nurse gets the paddleAfter bringing strong drink to Mr. Stern whist she was supposed to be nursing him and getting into bed with him nurse Ambrosia was trapped by Sarah Sly Private Eye and punished but that is not to be the end of the matter. Sarah considers that the lesson has not been learnt and so produces a long handed paddle to use on this unfortunate girls bare bottom. She does give her a good hard thrashing
The naughgty nurseThis is the second and last part of our interview with new spankee Emily and I thought when she was being spanked that she really would not be able to take a lot of punishment. Well she did agree that as she had come this far and that she did deserve to be punished that she would take a serious paddling, and that’s just what she did. Her bottom was the brightest shade of red by the time I had finished with her over my knees.
The naughgty nurseWe have borrowed this story from Spanking Sarah as we just loved it. Ambrosia is a very naughty nurse who has been taking money from her bedridden patient in return for booze and a few naughty cuddles. His cousin is suspicious about what may be going on and hires Sarah Sly private eye to find out. Well she does and this results in immediate harsh punishment being carried out on the young nurses bare bottom.
First punishment for EmilyThe final part of this series, sales lady Cheryl has to return home and tell her husband that she has been punished at work for cheating the company. He is not best pleased, she offers sex, spreading her legs but this will not be enough. She goes over the knee for a spanking and then bent over the bed she gets caned hard on her very marked bare bottom
When Cheryl got homeThe final part of this series, sales lady Cheryl has to return home and tell her husband that she has been punished at work for cheating the company. He is not best pleased, she offers sex, spreading her legs but this will not be enough. She goes over the knee for a spanking and then bent over the bed she gets caned hard on her very marked bare bottom
Lulu paddledLulu Lamb has just had her first spanking at the hands of Mr. Stern and as he gets ready to paddle her lovely bottom Sarah Returns and wants to take over. However, Mr. Stern wins out and gets to give Lulu her very first paddling. She goes over his knee for a real stinging session.
Contract enforcedCheryl’s boss has discovered that she is cheating the company out of a considerable amount of money. He decides to invoke the penalty clause in her contract and hand out judicial punishment there and then. This middle aged sales woman has to bare her bottom and bend over for an extreme paddling leaving her red and marked.
Do I have what it takes Young Lulu Lamb comes to see Sarah but she is away and so has to talk to Mr. Stern. It turns out that she has told her new boyfriend that she will go to a spanking party with him and that she is well used to spanking but, she is none to sure. She wishes she had not boasted to him now and wants to know if Mr. Stern can show her just what might happen at such a party. Well, always happy to help he soon has Lulu over his knee spanking her tiny pert bottom but will this be the end of things?
Contract of employment When sales executive Cheryl is asked to visit her boss at home she is afraid it will mean trouble and she is right. He is far from satisfied with her performance and tells her he intends to invoke the clause in her contract which allows for corporal punishment in the case of any misdemeanor. This smartly dressed lady is shocked that he should be insisting on this but has no option but to agree. The first part of the discipline involves a hard spanking, over his knee and on her bare bottom. She feels utterly humiliated as she removes her panties.
Katie paddled in the kitchen Young Katie was supposed to be helping Mr Stern put together a film for his spankers cook book but it was soon discovered that she couldn’t cook. Mr. Stern gave her a severe OTK spanking but that obviously was not enough. It did not take long to find a leather paddle and this soon had young Katie thinking about her cooking abilities. This is the first ever paddling for Katie so lets see just how she takes it.
Does she really like my paddle Aleesha Fox is making a welcome return to the spanking scene after a long absence. She has just received her first spanking for quite a longtime and I know she felt it. Now she has the choice of paddles, which will hurt the least. Unfortunately she picked the wrong one as you will see when her panties are removed and she gets her bare bottom well punished.
The spankers cook bookThis is the very first time that buxom young Katie has been spanked and she is going to be helping Mr. Stern in the kitchen as he works on his ‘Spankers Cook Book’. It turns out that she is not too good in the kitchen and so ends up over the knee for a hard spanking on her large firm bare bottom and also a alittle slapping with the spatula. Good and hard for her first time.
Welcome back AleeshaOne of our best loved spanking models is Aleesha Fox but she has been sadly absent for quite some time but she came to see us at English Spankers to see if she still had what it takes. We will let you be the judge of that but we gave her a pretty hard first spanking and her bottom took as much punishment as ever so we are sure that all the fans of Aleesha will love her return to the spanking world.
Caned after the partyLolani had been a regular visitor t a local spanking party but now she was going to be getting the same sort of fun at home. Her landlord found out what she was up to and soon got into the swing of things, literally. She had to fetch her cane and he put it to use on her lovely firm bare bottom, harder than she had taken it before.
You paddle me much harderThis is the beginning of what we hope will be a continuing career in spanking for Tindra. Having just taken her first spanking she is now ready to go further. She is given a paddle and starts to paddle her own bottom, Mrs. Stern is not happy with the result and takes over and after making this young lovely strip naked the resulting paddling is much harder
Lolani and the spanking partyLolani returns home after attending a spanking party in her town. Her housemate thinks that maybe it’s something he can enjoy, more so when she reveals a bag full of spanking implements and her already red bare bottom. He soon has her bent over, her panties off so that he can deliver a good solid paddling onto her bare bottom. He seems to like to get her into the naughtier poses for her spanking. Long legs spread open..
Tindra an introduction to spankingTindra is another girl very new to the spanking scene, she had however at one time tried self spanking and she did it in front of her web cam. We liked this idea so after we had interviewed her we got her to show just what she did. We thought it was great but we just had to give her an extra spanking and this, I can tell you was much harder.
Ambrosia meets Mr. SternAmbrosia wanted Mr. Stern to give her a first ever spanking but she was fooled into thinking Kodders was Mr. stern, Now the real Stern is here and he agrees that she should have a proper punishment and she agrees to take a hard whacking from his newest spanking paddle. Her already red bottom is soon very much the worse for the paddling she receives.
Your final lessonKali is not a very good wife and her husband has need to punish her for the first time. He has spanked her OTK but now decides to make use of a leather strap paddle he has acquired for just such a problem. He gives her a very painful punishment on her bare bottom, young Kali reflects on her misdemeanors as she bends over and takes her swats
The impersonatorMr. Stern is a well-known disciplinarian and as well as punishing naughty housewives at the request of husbands it is not unknown for ladies to come to see Mr. Stern to take their very first steps into the spanking world. This is what happened in this story, Ambrosia had come to see Mr. Stern, she wanted to experience her first spanking but she did not know that Kodders was pretending to be Mr. Stern. He told her some story and soon she was over his knee getting her very first taste of a spanking from this impersonator. She did get spanked hard but justice would certainly come.
No way for a wife to behaveWhen Kali’s husband gets home from work his dinner is not ready and his wife is drinking and lounging about. She tells him to get his own dinner but naturally after a day’s hard work he is none too happy. He decides that a good OTK spanking will do the job and so over his knee she goes and gets spanked on her panties and then on the bare bottom, good and hard.
Cane for sexy cleaner JessYoung Isabella is to be caned, she has been strapped and the punishment just did not work, harsh methods are called for. She has to lift the dress on her school uniform and bend over and the caning starts. After a few strokes she is ordered to remove her uniform and this hard caning continues with her naked.
Cane for sexy cleaner JessJess is from the Sexy Cleaning Company but so far she has not done much cleaning and she has not been very sexy. After a chat with her our good housewife decides that she still wants to get her monies worth from this young lady. She is well into spanking and the cleaning company girls are supposed to like being spanked but will she like the selection of canes. Well she bends over and gets her bare bottom caned, see what you think, did she enjoy it.
Fighting at schoolA brand new model to English Spankers and she is a real beauty. Her name is Isabella and she has been naughty at school now she is to be punished. I do like to use a slipper on a naughty bottom and that’s what she gets. Straight over my knee and I start on her skimpy panties and then on her bare bottom. She is not a girl who likes to be spanked and punished but she does take what she deserves.
Work tme play timeJess has been hired to do some general housework and some ironing, now no one likes ironing but when you hire someone to do it for you you do at least expect they know how to do it. It seems that Jess does not, she helps herself to madams brandy and just takes it easy. Until she is caught that is and then she has to suffer a painful paddling with some of the nastiest paddles ever designed. One is carbon fiber and the other bullet proof plastic, boy do they sting her tender young bottom.
I cane my lazy maidLouise does not make a very good maid but I suppose that is why I like her. It means that she is always doing something wrong and so I get the excuse to punish her. I have given her a taste of my lovely leather paddle but now more serious measures are called for. She is to be caned, her very first caning I think. Will I hold back and take it easy on her bottom? No she will get caned and caned hard
Flogged and canedBig titted Kiki Vee loves to be punished, she loves to be spanked, paddled and even caned. There is one punishment however that really turns her on, to have her huge tits flogged hard. She got more than that with loads of nipple play and pinching. In this film she gets her wish and the flogger does its work, we did not forget the cane however and her bottom took its fair share.
June is lostThis is a triple film bill, with June Madox as the hapless wife who gets last when supposed to be mapping the way to a friend’s party. Instead of spoiling the day June will get a good hard strapping bent over the seat of the car and in a nearby field. Once home she is in for more of the same but now a leather paddle comes into play as well. Hard and fast on her firm pert bottom. To end this unhappy saga she has to bend over, stocking clad legs spread and straight as she is ably and expertly caned on her bare bottom and also on her hands. Real punishment for this sexy dressed mature lady
Short noticeWhen Mr. Stern is let down by a spanking model Kiki Vee steps in at short notice. The thing is, he wants to try out his new spanking paddle made from bullet proof plastic, Kiki is not quite prepared for the amount of pain this will inflict but makes a good start as she goes over his knee for a warm up spanking. She then bends over so Mr. Stern can get a good swing in with the paddle at her bare bottom. This big boobed bird really does take a beating
Heather & Leo A master classThe second part of a film with young couple Heather & Leo, already, early in their relationship Leo realizes that he can’t control Heather and has enlisted the services of Mr. Stern. He has been shown how to spank a bottom and now comes the advanced class in bare bottom paddling. Mr. Stern demonstrates to Leo just how to apply the paddle and keeps him practicing till he is imparting the required amount of pain the Heathers beautiful bare bottom.
The silly maidSarah just loves girls in glasses and when she wanted a sexy maid for the day to pamper her the agency sent along Louise. Now she looks great, sexy tits and a great bottom bur when it comes to being a maid she is a none starter. The drink she makes is undrinkable and punishment is called for. This silly girl has to agree to take a paddling and Sarah makes the most of it, exposing the girls body and giving her a damn hard session with a leather paddle
Heather pays a visit to Mr SternWhen a young husband can’t control his young wife he needs to take advice from an older and wiser man. Leo did just that and now Heather will become the subject of her husband’s journey into the understanding of just how to administer discipline to an errant wife. As basic as it may seem not everyone can administer a real punishment spanking, Leo will now learn this first step in maintaining discipline in his home.
 Kissagram girl caned  Lilly is a mature lady making her first spanking videos for us. In this film she is about to get her very first caning. She is supposed to be a sexy kissagram girl but she gets to the job she should be doing to reveal her bottom covered in bright red spank marks. She had previously been sent by her husband to see Mr. Stern for discipline and had neglected to tell the agency that she was well marked. Only one thing to do, more discipline but this time it is a severe caning as she is bent over. Hard and boy this time she does have some marks.
 Latex nurse punished  Lolani has now done three jobs for the sexy cleaning company and she has been getting lots of spankings. Her next customer wants to give her a very hard paddling and she is not sure if she can do this. She has come back to the office to ask if Mr. Stern can help her, well of course he can! He recommends that she bend over his table and he gives her a good spanking, just to make sure the customer won’t be disappointed. This is what happens and she does get a hard bare bottom paddling.
 Laura paddled Laura gets off to a bad start at the House Of Correction, she is found to have hard drugs in her luggage. She is called before the principle but has no explanation for her behavior and is therefore informed she will be punished there and then. She is made to strip naked and bent over the table. The heaviest punishment paddle is used on her very small bottom until it is judged she has regretted what she has done
 Lolani first ever punishment The Sexy Cleaning Company is recruiting again, looking for young ladies who love to show off their lovely bottoms and who don’t mind getting them spanked and paddled. We have a lady who is getting her first ever spanking meet Lolani, she is not too sure if she will be up to the standard demanded by our customers but we intend to put her through our usual trial. Does she look good in a short skirt, bent over doing some cleaning? Yes indeed. Does she mind bending over our knee to take a jolly hard spanking? No sir and she does get her very first spanking.
 Laura at the house of correction Another young lady is sent for correction, this time for drug taking and dealing. As usual she has to strip naked and is subjected to the first of many punishment sessions. This time she has to bend over the spanking stool and get her first bare bottom spanking delivered and designed to cause the maximum pain to her. This series will now run on this site for all new episodes
 she gets what she wants Heather has just had her first ever spanking and it seems she enjoyed it a lot. She has been out and purchased a leather paddle and now she wants Leo to use this on her. He is not too sure, he has never done anything like this before but he is willing to give it a go and so starts off a little slowly but does get Heather over his knees and is soon paddling her bottom. She persuades him to try different positions and it’s not long before he is giving her a real hard whacking. Genuine amateur first timers.
Leo and the seductressLook out for our new update color this signifies that the featured spankee is getting her first ever punishment on camera. So welcome Heather & Leo who is administering that first spanking to his wife just for us. She soon got into it and wanted more and harder, she is lovely with the cutest bottom and we know that she will become a favorite with you. Oh, why was she given an OTK spanking? Smoking of course.
Mr Stern uses his caneKali can expect no mercy from Mr. Stern. He is well known to have a heart as hard as stone and an arm of immense strength well practiced at wielding a cane. If Kali did not know that, how could she this is to be her first caning, she will soon find out. So bend over Kali Redmond and take your punishment.
Kali visits Mr Stern Another young lady has to pay a visit to Mr Stern. Kali admits after some time that she is lazy and work-shy and that she has been punished by her husband. Harsher methods are called for. Her bottom is ready for a beating with leather paddles but first her hands get strapped. Naked for her paddling she bends over to take her punishment
The paddle and cane Allison Jane is a cheeky posh lady who thinks she can get away with cheating on her husband. He finds that she has been giving oral sex to strange men but not to him and decides to send her for a comprehensive punishment. In this double bill she is palled and caned on her firm well shaped bare bottom as well as being placed into the humiliating diaper position for an open leg spanking
The naughty nurse As nurses go Amy is pretty useless but when I am pushed I have to make special arrangements. In her case it involves a lot of pain and I mean real pain, inflicted by me on her bare bottom with one of my heaviest canes. Now canes are something I know a lot about and I certainly know how to deal with this young lady. I strip her off, bend her over and whack her bare bottom.
The naughty nurse Is Amy cut out to be a nurse? That is the question she has to answer. She is untidy, late for duty and not very good with her patients. Matron just can’t take any more of this and has called her in for a serious talk and a session of behavior modification punishments. She hopes that by inflicting some pain into the nurses bottom she may help her to revise her attitude. A stout leather paddle is procured and used on the hands and bare bottom of this nurse. Now will this do the job?
The cane for Amelia I have tried to explain to Amelia that she should not have used the office phone to call premium rate spanking phone lines but I am not sure my message has gotten through. I know a sure fire way of teaching her a lesson and that is with my newest punishment cane. When I bend her over and give her the first few strokes she changes her mind about her love of spanking.
The Premium Spanker Amelia is young but not so innocent as we soon found out. She had been making phone calls to a premium price chat line and not paying for it. The office manager was not best pleased. She decided that if Amelia was so interested in spanking she should get to try it at first hand and produced a nasty leather paddle to use on the very spankable bottom presented to her. Bent over with her bottom in the air would she change her mind about spanking?
The punishment of Katrina Two films for the price of one, this week’s classic film is a real hard school story. Young Katrina gets paddled over her blue school knickers whilst bent over the punishment bench. Her knickers are removed and the leathering just continues till she is close to tears. Now this nasty mistress decides she needs to cane her unruly pupil and the position is resumed and the cane, a heavy senior cane is used to thrash this poor girl. Top film with the best school time action.
Suzanne caned Suzanne is that rare lady who knows when she needs to be punished and reports herself for the pain she knows will come. She has been paddled by Mr. Stern and now he is going to use his razor strop on her followed by the senior cane. Bent over Suzanne makes no effort to stop the discipline thrashing but takes every stroke. An excellent punishment film just the way it should be administered.
Cane for a lazy maid Jasmine will regret the day she came to work in this strict household as a maid. She has been spanked and caned but rudeness and laziness have to be well punished. A cane is always kept handy for such occasions and with her tights open at the bottom she is bent over the bed with her bottom pushed nicely into the air. A good caning is administered, loads of unhurried strokes spread out across her bare bottom
A visit to Mr.Stern Suzanne was sent to see Mr. Stern by her husband about two years ago and she has now returned, this time of her own volition and Mr. Stern is not too sure he should punish her. She tells him why she wants to be punished and as she removes her coat we see that she has come through the streets with naked breasts and dressed in very sexy clothes. The requested punishment follows, a very harsh paddling with a carbon fiber paddle which is extremely painful
Jasmin the lazy maid When Sarah employs a maid she expects her to work hard for her money, not to daydream and spend time talking on her phone to various boyfriends and what makes it worse she is moaning about her! In this household punishment comes swift and very severe as Jasmin finds out. Her long skirt and frilly panties are soon set aside, her bottom is spanked over tights before these are ripped apart and her bare bottom gets a hard paddling with a thin leather punishment instrument. This magnificent bottom turns red and Jasmin is one sorry girl.
I will cane you Kiki Sarah has been using Kiki as her play thing, she has used and abused her and taken joy from severely beating and flogging her. Now she is tiring of the game and wants to end it but in a most painful way. She knows just how much a good hard caning will hurt especially on to the already well beaten bottom before her. She does not let that stop her and canes poor Kiki hard.
Satine pays the priceSatine has been playing on her web cam but she does not realize the seriousness of her game. She has been demanding that men send her money. This must come to an end and Sarah knows just how to do this, a very humiliating slippering. First of all in the traditional bent over position but then in the very exposed diaper position where everything Satine has got is on show and not only that is available for the slipper to cause her extreme pain.
You are mine for pleasureSarah has a complete hold over the lovely Kiki Vee. She wants to be a submissive slave girl to be used and abused, she has come to the right person. Her large breasts make a good target for the whip and her bottom soon feels the paddle and strap. A very hard film with real punishments.
Money with menacesSatine is talking on her webcam, she is trying her hand at raising some money but in a not very nice way. She is playing on the desires of the poor men who are daft enough to watch her and she is demanding they pay her money to see her body. Whilst it is a great body she should not be doing this and when she is caught the consequences are swift and very painful for her cute bare bottom. And the guys on the webcam get to see this for free.
The crop for Lucy  Rascal has just been punished for coming to a spanking shoot with a marked bottom and now it is the turn of Lucy her special girlfriend. Lucy has only ever received a play spanking before and is very nervous as she goes over the knee for a real hard bare bottom spanking. There is however more to come as a wicked looking riding crop joins the party. Lucy bends over and comforted by Rascal takes the crop on her bare bottom. Hard and painful.
Pain is the best medicine  Ashleigh is beautiful but she is very silly and thinks that she can get away with just about anything. Today she is proven wrong. Now you may think it’s not the right thing for a doctor to do to a young ladies bottom, paddle it with a hard leather paddle and the thrash it with a cane till it is red and well marked. Well in this young ladies case pain was the best medicine
It's a pleasure to beat youThe man from the ministry has been successful in hiding a driving conviction for Suzanne and now she will be rewarding him. From a friend she has borrowed some implements of punishment and he will get to use them on her beautiful body. A nasty leather taws, a flogger and a leather whip. Suzanne is all for the punishment and seems to be more than ready to receive the heavy flogging that is to come
Too marked for spankingRascal and her lover Lucy are booked in to do a spanking film shoot but when they arrive it is obvious that they have been practicing on each other. The producers are none too happy about this and tell them that they will have to go straight into one of the harder parts of the film without a warm up spanking. They do not like the idea of this but have littl option. Rascal is the first to bare her bottom for a damn hard over the knee session and then straight into a nasty riding crop.
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