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Cane me pleaseWhen Lydia misbehaves at home and acts like a spoiled child that’s just the way she is treated. In her old school uniform with regulation knickers she gets the cane on her hands and on her bare bottom. Enough strokes to make it count and leave some nasty marks. She asks for it and she gets it.
The speeding ticketMia Beth has only been in my employ for a short time but already I have received a speeding ticket she got when taking the kids to school. I certainly cant let this go unpunished and although she is preparing dinner I have to bend her over the kitchen table and with Mr. Sterns very large slipper give her bare arse a real good taste of leather. She does not like this at all, poor girl.
Nothing but the caneSometimes nothing works like a good caning to get a naughty young girl back into line. Stripped naked just to add to the humiliation they have to bend over, bottoms raised and take as many stinging strokes as I care to dish out. I love to administer the cane and Kayleth certainly deserves it.
House rulesI don’t know why it is but my hired help never seems to stay with me for very long. I treat them very well, but maybe I am too kind. When they start work for me I tell them my house rules, any one who breaks them gets spanked. Well Just to make sure that Mia Beth understands this I am going to give her a spanking just as an initiation into the world of work.
Fraud is wrongThese young girls think they can get away with anything these days but not when I’m on their case. It may be the government who has to pay but in the end it’s all of us. What? Well I’m talking benefit fraud and how it just seems to get worse. As a doctor, of spankology, I have my own remedies for ladies who go down this pathway. It starts with a good hard leathering with a rather large paddle. Bare bottom up in the air and I continue till they show remorse.
Teaching the trainerMr. Stern has just had one hell of a telling of from his wife for not doing his training exercises. His personal trainer dropped him right in it. He is now going to teach Lola Marie his trainer the error of her ways for telling Mrs. Stern. As he was always good at cricket at school he finds a large heavy wooden paddle shaped like a bat and plays with Lola’s bare bottom in place of the ball. A real heavy duty whacking, real pain for Lola
Kissi punishedOne girl we always love to see is young Kissi. This is a film she made with her boyfriend Alex. He just loves to spank her and she loves to get her pert young bottom spanked. One thing we can say for sure about Alex is that he knows exactly how to spank a naughty bottom, he does not hold back and continues to punish Kissi even if she starts to shed a few tears. This is a great little film we know you will love it
Peeny taught a lessonPenny’s husband is not happy that she has been taught her lesson after the hard spanking and telling off she received. He asks Mr. Stern if there is any more he can do. Well yes there is and it involves a great deal of pain and a lot of humiliation. Penny will be strapped on her bare bottom then between her thighs and then in the diaper position on her very sensitive parts and her bottom
Lola gets a spankingMr. Stern has been undergoing a period of personal training, at the instructions of Mrs. Stern. It turns out however that Lola Marie, the appointed trainer has been allowing him to miss his training and continue to eat the fast food he so loves, he has even been paying her extra. Mrs. Stern decides that the trainer herself needs a little training and so gets her over her knees and spanks her. First over her tight leotards and then on her bare bottom
Lulu lamb punishedMr. Stern and Young Lulu Lamb are getting along really well as he moves to the second part of his session spanking lovely Lulu. She has agreed, for a little more money to take a caning from him. He gets her nicely into position just as her guardian returns home. She is shocked at what is going on and decides that she will be the one administering the caning and a damn site harder than Mr. Stern would have done.
Housewife punishedBusiness woman and wife Penny is a modern lady who has very strongly held views. When these clash with those of her husband trouble is brewing. He calls in a disciplinarian to help sort out this very outspoken lady. She will not take to the punishment easily but in the end she does have to bend over and take her medicine.
Lulu Lamb punished by SarahYoung Lulu Lamb decides she needs to earn some extra money to get her through college and so advertises herself as a spankee. Mr. Stern turns up, naturally, eager to try out this new young beauty on the scene. After a brief chat he soon has her with her bare bottom in the air over his knees as he uses a rather hard paddle on her delightful bottom. Her long legs are soon kicking and she is certainly feeling the pain as he gets his monies worth out of her bottom.
Bell and the customerBell gets her first taste of what it is like to work for one of the customers of the sexy cleaning company. He is not really interested in any cleaning she may be able to do, he just wants to get her into some sexy revealing positions with her panties removed and to paddle her bare bottom as hard as he can. It seems to us that she is all up for that.
Bitch wife canedWhat a great nasty film this is, sometimes a lady needs a bottom warming and that is just what is handed out here to this nasty venom filled minx. After fighting with her boss and husband she is thrown over a sofa in the warehouse, her panties removed and she gets the caning and thrashing of her life. Now is this the answer to the problem, look till the end to find out.
The sexy cleaning companyThe beautiful Bell Calder is the latest recruit to our sexy cleaning company books and boy is she welcome. Bell has made a number of films with us and is a firm favorite. She is quite into the spanking scene and never minds going over the knee for a hard spanking. In this the first of two films she has on her lovely maids uniform but as usual she does look so much better with her panties pulled down ,laying over the knee with her bare bottom in the air being turned bright red.
Beating my friendWhen someone hurts me I always get my own back on them but when someone hurts my dogs then they had better watch out as my temper knows no bounds. Tindra is just about to find that out with the aid of my newest and hardest leather strap. This is a solid thick leather and is designed for just one purpose, to hurt the bare bottom.
Beating my friendI thought that Jess would have learned from the spanking I gave her but no. She pays her rent on time now but her room is scruffy and very dirty, I do not like that in my lovely home. Luckily I have just had a new pair of plimsoles brought for me and I am going to put them to good use on the naked Jess
She misplaced my dogEveryone knows just how much I love my dogs and so when my dog walker comes home with one that is not even mine you can guess just how mad I was and just how much she was going to suffer for this. I started her off with a good old fashioned OTK spanking, ripping her tights open to get to her bare bottom.
Big boobed Katie paddledWhen you have a friend and you help her out and she just takes advantage of you what are you to do. That was the situation I found myself in when I let Jess stay with me. She has been in my house for a number of weeks and has not paid me any rent. Well, this is the story about how I deal with the situation and with that young lady.
Big boobed Katie paddledThis is the conclusion of our interview with the beautiful Katie, she is so pretty and has enormous boobs which she does quite liked smacked. Today however I am going to give her a good hard session with various of my paddles. I will also have her in some unusual positions. Katie does love to be punished and this is a good hard film.
Big boobed Katie spankedWhen the head decides Paris & Scarlet need to have further punishment they ask if they can be beaten together. This is not a problem and the resulting punishments given with the school leather paddle to the naked girls hands and bottoms is very severe and somewhat erotic. But the head is not finished, she will now cane the bare bottoms before her.
Big boobed Katie spankedWe usually try to film our interviews with the new girls on their first spanking session with us. This was not possible however with Katie but so many have asked to know a little more about her we thought we should get the job done. Her spanking story is really text book spanking lover, she genuinely does love to get a real good hard spanking and so as not to disappoint that’s exactly what she got during this interview.
Girls in troubleParis and scarlet will never be like the rest of the girls at school, they seem to delight in being together through everything. After being discovered making love in the senior girl study the head decides that the punishment should fit the crime and they must take it in turns to go over the knee for a sound spanking on bare bottoms. They try to comfort each other throughout the punishments so this may bring more trouble.
Tindra & the dirty photographerTandra’s aunt has decided to try and help her make some money from her dirty modeling. She has done a deal with the dirty photographer to sell any videos she makes and split the profits. Tindra starts her first video with some naughty pussy play and this then leads to a good whacking with a long handled leather paddle. A really good hard whacking film of this lovely lady.
Naughty girls playtimeParis and Scarlet are more than just good friends, they are secret lovers and don’t mind when and where they make love. They are in the study relaxing in their school uniforms and when they are discovered by the strict headmistress at their smart school. Punishments will follow very soon.
Tindra & the dirty picturesTindra has a beautiful body and she loves to show it off. When she is using her rented apartment for this purpose and has not told her land lady then she is in trouble. She goes over the knee for a spanking on her short shorts, then her thong panties and finally a good whacking on her bare bottom
Kissi & the young farmerAfter having taken a spanking Louise knows there is more to come, although she is close to tears and certainly not wanting or liking the punishment she has to bend over the end of the bed with her soft beautiful bottom exposed and take a severe paddling. Her bottom, not being used to this treatment soon turns bright red.
Kissi & the young farmerIt does not seem like much of a sin, young Kissi out for a ride on her cycle strays onto the farmers field. He however is determined to make more of it accusing her of vandalism and telling her she needs to be punished. This threat is followed by actions as he makes her take down her shorts, right in the middle of his field, bend over and take a real hard thrashing with his leather belt. This strap is used on her bare bottom and thighs, very painful.
I dont like workThis is a welcome return to our site for Louise Burton who has to admit in this film she does not like work and so when the so called doctor from the ministry calls around to see her she does not expect to find herself over her knees getting her bare bottom spanked. She really does not like being spanked and it shows in this film as she has to take it hard and long.
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Paddling for WynterPoor Wynter, she is not able to keep up the payments and knows that she will be getting another visit from the debt collector. This time he is not messing about, no more Mr. Nice guy! He tells her exactly what to expect and that is a hard dose of his leather paddle on her bare bottom and for good measure he wants her naked. Not happy with this she argues but that just earns her more swats..
Sexy maid canedThe Sexy maid is caned, a prospective customer of the Sexy Cleaning Company is interested in new girl Tindra Frost and has asked that we make a video of her being caned to see if she will be suitable for his requirements. She is to be naked for the caning and she agrees to take it. She bends over and we see every stroke hit home onto her pert tight bottom, a real caning delight.
Wynter & the debt collectorWynter has a very nice life style, living out in the countryside in rural England but she does have a problem. She is unable to control her spending on credit cards. The debt collector is a regular visitor to her house and has now reached the point where he must take serious measures. He tells her she is to be spanked, this does not get very well received but she has little choice. Her tight skirt is raised and the spanking starts over her panties but soon develops into a full bare bottom spanking of this beautiful lady.
Tindra at the sexy cleaning co.Beautiful young Tindra will try most things to earn some money and has now applied to join the Sexy Cleaning Company. She has to take part in the audition and interview for that work. This involves showing off her assets by bending and flashing her knickers as she cleans around the house. The second part is much easier, to please some of her customers she may have to take a spanking and the boss of the company wants to try her out with a spanking first. So, maids uniform offers no protection as she is bent over and spanked.
Schoolgirl Emily canedNo young lady in senior school likes to think that she may one day have to remove her school knickers and bend over her desk with her bare bottom and everything else on display. Picture this scene then as Emily Jane is placed into position for a flogging with the headmasters senior girls cane. Taking up his position he knows just how to apply each stroke, making it look easy, but giving the maximum impact and pain to young Emily Jane.
Bend over Im payingLolani is now alone with Jim and he wants more for his money. He is totally inexperienced at punishing ladies but is determined to take out his frustration on her bare bottom. She has little choice but to bend over for him and he is soon welting her bottom with the hardest paddle he could find from her collection
I got it wrongEmily Jane is back in detention class, her previous spanking it seems did no good at all, this is very often the way. The headmaster, a kindly soul decides that he is going to have to introduce the school paddle to her bare bottom particularly so when she can’t find her way around an atlas of the world. This is a good hard leathering she gets and she has a red and painful bottom.
I got it wrongJim came to see Aunty Sarah & Aunty Lolani, he had thought that he could spank Sarah, what a mistake to make! After some arguments Lolani said that she would let him spank her but she was not happy with it. She soon found herself over his knees being spanked, Sarah then said he was not doing it right and she would join in just to show him how to give a good hard spanking.
Schooldays specialThis is the first of a very evocative series with young Emily Jane back un her school uniform. The head master has no time for naughty girls and she has taxed his patients to the limit. He is determined she will be taught a lesson and one she will not forget. A strict no messing spanking, over the knee on her school knickers and then on her bare bottom. Real marks real pain.
Teachers pet canedMrs. Stern has reason to punish the private tutor hired to get her son through his exams as she failed to do this. She gave her the choice of losing her job or taking a good hard spanking. After the spanking she decided that Mr. Stern should have a say in the matter, he decided that Miss Kali should get more punishment and he laid down the rules, with the help of two nasty stinging rulers on her bare bottom
Teachers pet canedWillow may be Mr. Sterns favorite pupil but that does not stop the other masters from punishing her. When she is cheeky to Mr. Aegean she soon learns that he has a hard hand. She has to bend over his desk and take the first caning on her white school knickers and then the rest of the strokes on her bare bottom The punishment continues till the tears flow down her cheeks.
You failed my sonKali is a private tutor who has been hired to get a young lad through his examinations. In this respect she has failed badly and must now face the consequences. After a discussion about the various penalties which can be applied it is decided that a good over the knee spanking would be the best way to at least start the punishment. Kali’s firm pert bottom makes a good target for a hard spanking.
Work experienceNew to work Hellen has just had her first ever spanking from her employer. Being a smart girl she sees that the best way to keep her job and keep him happy is to let him spank her. So, she propositions him and sweet talks the old fool into giving her a spanking and a paddling in some very compromising positions. She has him just where she wants him. Good hard first time paddling
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